Our Mission

The mission of The Foundation is to promote and advance education, career development and leadership in finance and accounting, with the goal of guiding women to achieve success in their careers. If you have any questions about The Foundation, please contact

Our Programs

The Foundation programs promote and advance education, career development and leadership in finance and accounting. Our goals are realistic and take both an external and internal focus.
  • Educational Advancement Programs:  The Foundation, through their educational advancement initiative, is seeking to partner with dynamic organizations and members to increase awareness and provide resources for women in the community to strengthen their skillset in various areas including: networking, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance management and career and personal development.
  • Scholarships:  Through our scholarship program, the Foundation supports the financial needs of students pursuing undergraduate, master's and doctorate degrees in finance and accounting.  Our scholarships also help alleviate the financial constraints of obtaining a CPA, CFP, CFE, CIA, CMA or CVA certification; designations that the profession requires for advancement within the industry.
    • Academic Scholarships:
      • Undergraduate Scholarships - To support the costs of attending 3rd, 4th or 5th year when pursuing an accounting or finance degree.  
      • Master's Scholarships - For those attending an accredited College or University enrolled in a master's program and is pursuing an accounting or finance degree.
    • AFWA Member Scholarships:
      • Certification - To support the exam fees of AFWA members for any of the following certifications: CPA, CFP, CFE, CIA, CMA or CVA.  
      • CPAexcel Review - To provide registration for a CPAexcel CPA Review Course. 
      • PhD Scholarship - To cover the cost of research for a student seeking a PhD degree in accounting.
    • Other Scholarships:
      • Diversity Undergraduate Scholarship: Sponsored by Ledgent - To support the costs of a Minority Student attending 3rd, 4th or 5th year towards an accounting or finance degree.  
      • National Dues Reimbursement for Unemployed Members - To assist dedicated AFWA Members with the expense of National Membership Dues who are unemployed at the time of their membership renewal.  Applicants must have been a member of AFWA for a minimum of five consecutive years and actively involved with either local or national leadership.  

Visit the Foundation's Scholarship website for more information. Academic scholarships are open to members and non-members. Completed applications must be submitted to our chapter scholarship director by deadlines specified on the Foundation's website. Chapters may nominate only one candidate per scholarship and only completed candidate submissions will be considered.  

These applications are available on the National AFWA website or contact our chapter scholarship director. Members should submit applications directly to The chapter does not sponsor the applicant.